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The Profits4Us Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Education Service.

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Our mission at Profits4Us International is to EDUCATE people about the inevitable change in currency usage over the next few years as more and more people make the shift from ‘fiat’ currencies (ie: paper money, like the Dollar, Pound, Rand, Euro, etc.) to cryptocurrencies (“internet” money) like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, etc.

Register a free forex account with us in our automated forex software program and we will provide you with a FREE Cryptocurrency Education Service from which to learn about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and teach you how to put your money (Bitcoins) to work for YOU!

We will teach you how to open, secure and transact anonymously with the 2 or 3 most popular Bitcoin wallets initially, through which to send and receive money in Bitcoins. You will be able to use that information to open more wallets as your balance increases, and to teach others what we have taught you.

You will learn about the best online and offline Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin debit cards, which ones suit your needs best, how to avoid scam accounts, and much more.

For this to work, your friends, family and trading partners must have Bitcoin accounts, too, if you want to transact with each other privately and anonymously and avoid paying high bank fees. So share this knowledge with them.

We provide our service FREE OF CHARGE because we want to teach as many people as we can about the benefits of owning cryptocurrencies, about becoming their own bank, reducing bank fees, transacting privately and anonymously without 3rd party intervention (ie: banks), and much more.

We believe this is important because we see that people all over the world are migrating faster and faster towards cryptocurrencies; that banks as we know them and ‘fiat’ currencies will be obsolete in a few years’ time and that Bitcoin will be a major, decentralized world currency and store of value for many years to come.

Use what you learn from us to PRESERVE your wealth against inflation, devaluation and fiscal manipulation!
Learn what the business entails, abide by the rules, stay focused and promote our service to those closest to you.

Do that and you will earn LOTS of Bitcoins for yourself!

Listen to our weekly podcast, hosted by Nick Greer and featuring Paul von Wildenrath, containing valuable and interesting information about ‘fiat’ currencies; Bitcoins; cryptocurrencies; their history, evolution and future trends; what bitcoin is; how to open bitcoin accounts; how to buy, sell and spend bitcoin; and much more.

Register with us for FREE!

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