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The Automated Forex Trading Program.

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At Profits4Us we will teach you how to put your MONEY to work for YOU (in Bitcoins) via our automated forex software program that can earn you an average interest rate of 1% per working day, compounded.

There is no need to sell anything, buy anything or recruit anyone.
Just you and your Bitcoins, working for YOU!
Put YOUR money in YOUR account in OUR program and let it do all the work for you!

Click Here to create your FREE forex account:

The company that owns this program has been trading successfully with forex and shares on the world markets for more than 8 years and has an experienced team of traders.

On 01 March 2017 they launched the program we are now participating in.

It is extremely affordable with a minimum input of just €50 or more and was designed to give more people the chance to create wealth for themselves, making use of the company’s trading expertise and their powerful, sophisticated software they have developed over the past 8 years.
It is a point of pride that not one customer in 8 years has lost money in this program!

In addition, the company will give you 2 monthly car bonuses of €800 pm and €1,600 pm when you achieve certain levels in the program.

So why not do what over 150,000 customers have been doing since 01 March 2017.

Register with us for FREE and we will GIVE you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your own forex account, or we will do it for you as we are already doing for many of our satisfied customers.

Although you don’t have to, if you WANT to share this good fortune with others you may do so, and you will earn commissions when they put money into the program.

Share your good fortune with your friends and family, and when they open accounts under yours and put money in, the company will instantly pay you 10% commission on your 1st tier and 3% on your 2nd tier.

And, of course, you earn even more every time the bitcoin price goes up!

The program is there for your own use, and for your MONEY to work for YOU.

As customers, we provide the funds and the company’s traders trade with them and pay us an average of 1% interest per day out of their daily earnings.
This is far more than you would get from any bank.

We can then withdraw those earnings or recapitalize them or both, depending on our needs. We recommend that you don’t withdraw anything for the first 6-12 months, to grow your capital as much as possible, to add to your capital with your spare cash, to tell others about the program to earn yourself commissions and to reinvest your interest, all to create and increase the compounding effect.

Click Here to create your FREE forex account:

OR you can join our syndicate (stokvel) and grow your capital even faster!
See details below.

Email Us and we will send you more information and training on how to set up your profile, how to put money into your forex account and how to start earning interest.

With this program, and even with no selling or recruiting, you can create a passive income that will soon become your Retirement Plan, whether you are 21 or 71 years old!

Just you and your Bitcoins, working for YOU!


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