About Us

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Profits4Us began operating in 1988 and ran for many years as a successful sales and marketing brokerage firm, mainly for corporate and small to medium companies in the FMCG industry.

Over the years it has grown along with new technology, marketing opportunities and target markets. Profits4Us evolved into The Profits4Us Group and, more recently, into Profits4Us International. We’re an online retail business offering virtual & physical products and services for sale. Our business is structured like a normal retail business. Our Income Plan has 4 status levels, each with a progressively higher commission percentage, awarded for Good Performance.
We accept members from most countries in the world.

Our primary product is the Bitcoin Education Service, which is where we teach people the “How To” of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The Education Service is accompanied by our Bitcoin Accumulation Program, a FREE Income Plan where Members who sell the Education Service can earn commissions in Bitcoins, 4 levels deep. Your position in the Income Plan is a “mini-business” operated and marketed by the owner (You) under the umbrella of Profits4Us International, and supported and administered by Profits4Us.

These mini-businesses are linked to our Income Plan for commission purposes. Members can sell as many or as few Education Services as they like. The more time and effort they put in and the more sales they and their Teams make, the more money they earn.

On-going training is provided on Bitcoins and marketing strategies to get the best return on Members’ sales efforts. We have 2 blog sites that we use to educate people about what is going on in the world regarding ’fiat’ currencies and cryptocurrencies; one for the public and one for Members only.

Besides the BAP program, we offer topical and valuable products and services for sale in our online store (OurStore), including The Chat Heroes “live chat” service, and the USI-Tech program where you can put your Bitcoins to work for YOU, earning you 1% compound interest per day. These 2 services are the perfect complement to our Bitcoin Education and Accumulation services.

Our Income Plan can be used by Members as a primary or secondary source of income, and by companies as a Staff or Customer Incentive Plan, or as a Retirement Plan for the owners and their employees, as can the USI service.

Our mission is to provide every person with an affordable and exciting business opportunity through a process of self-determination and sharing; to teach people to empower themselves financially by helping others to do the same; to give people back their pride, self-confidence and dignity by reducing their financial dependence on others; and to re-ignite their hopes and dreams for their own and their loved one’s futures.

All our paid-up Members become part of and gain free access to the Income Plan for commission purposes. Commissions are paid to active Members who bring new Customers into Profits4Us.

There are many other MLM companies that have similar matrix structures to ours, with one or more of the features we provide, but many make promises and then don’t pay out, so to stand out we have implemented certain “checks and balances” that no other company offers, to ensure that everyone gets paid immediately, and that the business grows strong and maintains its longevity, far into the future.

For example, we have created “mini-businesses” for each Member under one umbrella, providing a safe community environment where everyone works together and individually to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Second, our Members are linked together by our 4-tier Income Plan that is designed to give people a hand up in life and give them the knowledge and the tools they need to generate extraordinary incomes.

Our Income Plan pays back commissions and benefits of far greater value than the cost of their initial registration fee, and every registration fee pays commissions to their direct and indirect introducers, at progressively higher percentages starting at 10% (Salesperson), then 12.5% (Sales Manager), then 15% (Sales Director) and finally 20% (Sales Executive). You only need to make 10 sales at each level to be promoted to the next level.

You can quickly cover your cost of the Service and get into profit!

Our founder and CEO, Paul von Wildenrath, has more than 45 years’ experience in retail sales, marketing and network marketing. He has used his extensive knowledge of mathematics and the Laws of Physics and his business experience to create a unique and mutually beneficial Bitcoin Accumulation Program that repays everyone who supports our initiative handsomely.

For more information on the BAP program, please read the relevant pages in this web site, whether you are a Visitor, Customer or Member. The program is extremely user-friendly and easy to follow, so read the available information and Join the Program!

As a Profits4Us member, when you look for  people to sell the Bitcoin Education Service to, remember to only target business-minded people because they will be a part of your Profits4Us business from then on. To see if they are the kind of people you want in your business, all you have to do is to view your prospects’ Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. If you are satisfied with their business-mindedness and you want them in your business, send them your Referral Link.

Make yourself available if they need help while registering.

When they click on your link and register with us, our powerful software program places them under you in our Income Plan and you immediately start earning commissions!

If they want to buy something from OurStore, give them your Referral Link to do so, and you will earn commissions for every purchase they make.

You will earn an increasing income every day as you and the Members in your downline sell more and more Education Services! Commissions are earned and paid immediately when a new Member registers in your downline, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get paid.

And the greatest feature of all is that our main currency is Bitcoins (BTC)! However, you can also pay and be paid in ZAR (South African Rands) or in USD (United States Dollars).

And Bitcoins are appreciating in value all the time, earning you a second income without you having to lift a finger for it!

And by buying packages in USI, you can put your Bitcoins to work for you, too!

All in all, as more and more people come to rely on Profits4Us as a source of income, knowledge, contacts and marketing tools, the business will continue to grow and evolve to everyone’s benefit.

If you are already a Member, we thank you for your support and we look forward to a long and illustrious relationship with you.

If you are about to become a Member, we want to welcome you into our community in advance and we offer you every assistance to get you going on your path to incredible wealth and a lifestyle that most people can only dream of.

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