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Welcome to Profits4Us International!




Instead of working for your money, put your money (Bitcoins) to work for YOU by placing funds in our automated forex trading program. Create a passive income that will soon become your Retirement Plan, whether you are 21 or 71!
There is no need to sell anything, buy anything or recruit anyone.

Just you and your Bitcoins, working for YOU!
YOUR money in YOUR account in OUR program.
Put your Bitcoins to work, then set it and forget it for at least 9 months, after which we will repay you 200% of your initial input.

Register with us for FREE and we will GIVE you the tools you need to run a successful and lucrative online business.

We will provide you with a fully-developed, FREE Business Opportunity whose platform and infrastructure are an exact replica of our core business module. You can use your customized business module and this web site to promote our Business Opportunity with its FREE Cryptocurrency Education Service from which to learn about cryptocurrencies.

We believe this is important because we see that people all over the world are migrating towards cryptocurrencies, and that Bitcoin will be a major player for many years to come. We will teach you how to open, secure and transact anonymously with Bitcoin wallets, avoid scam accounts, and much more.

Use what you learn from us to PRESERVE your wealth against inflation, devaluation and fiscal manipulation!
Learn what the business entails, abide by the rules, stay focused and promote our service.
Do that and you will earn LOTS of Bitcoins for yourself!

In addition, you are automatically entered into our Income Plan so you can earn commissions when you introduce new customers to Profits4Us. This is very important, because your friends, family and trading partners must have Bitcoin accounts, too, if you want to transact with each other privately and anonymously and avoid paying high bank fees.

You make money with Profits4Us by depositing YOUR money into YOUR account in our forex program, where teams of traders trade with the money we put in and pay us daily interest far greater than you would get from any bank.
They have been doing this successfully for the past 8 years and are proud of the fact that not a single customer has lost money.

At Profits4Us we manage your account for the first 9 months, at the end of which we give you back 200% of your original capital amount.
We do this because we do not take our profit upfront, to help your capital grow from a stronger base.
We only take our profit at the end of 9 months. Therefore, we retain sole access to the account to ensure our payment.
In other words, you and we both earn our profit from the interest generated by your capital, not from the capital amount itself.

You can then take control of the account yourself, or you can ask us to continue managing it for you.
If we manage your account for you, we will DOUBLE your money every 9 months!

After 36 months, for example, whatever capital you put in will have increased 16 TIMES!
So an amount of 30,000 will be worth 480,000 after 36 months!

The longer we manage your account for you, the more times we will double your Available Balance!
And if you need money to spend or live on, email us a Withdrawal Request and we will send those funds to your preferred Bitcoin account, depending on how much money you have available. Just understand that any withdrawal will either lengthen the timeline or reduce the outcome.

As part of our free service, we will teach you how to open the 2 or 3 most popular Bitcoin wallets initially, through which to send and receive money in Bitcoins. You will be able to use that information to open more wallets as your balance increases.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.


Service Options.

At Profits4Us we have 3 Service Options that have been designed to suit everyone’s affordability and needs.
We know, without fear of contradiction, that no-one else has yet come up with such an innovative and powerful idea!
Click here
for details and to choose YOUR best Option.



Because Profits4Us is NOT an MLM company, when you bring us customers we pay you “single-tier” commissions of 15% on whatever initial capital amount your personal referrals place in our forex program.
So if your customers collectively or individually put in 1,000,000, for example, you will earn 150,000.

This commission is paid out over the first 3 months of the 9-month timeline, to prevent stifling the customer’s capital growth. 

If the customer decides to take control of their account themselves after 9 months, we will help them open an account under their introducer, into which we will pay the customer’s 200% return.

The introducer will therefore earn another 10% commission on this return, an effective 20%!
Therefore, our members earn 35% comm. on the initial amounts placed in our program by their customers, making our Income Plan the highest paying on record!

The introducer also earns on-going 10% commissions on every rebuy, and even more as the price of Bitcoins increases! 

The amount of money you can earn with Profits4Us is unlimited.
Commission payouts are performance driven, so your income depends entirely on the efforts that you put into marketing the business.
However, if you  just want your money to work for you, then that is our primary goal – to provide you with a passive income and Retirement Plan so you can live an above-average lifestyle and never again have financial worries.

Become your own bank with Profits4Us, trade anonymously, get off
the banking grid and take 100% control of your money yourself!

Become one of the top 1% – 2% income earners in the country!
Join us on the Profits4Us Super Highway to a new and better lifestyle!

Surround yourself with successful, business-minded people!

Take Massive Action to fulfill your Dreams of Financial
Independence – with Profits4Us and Bitcoins!

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