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You’ve just found….
Attraction Marketing Surveys
…. and a whole lot more!


Attraction Marketing Surveys, or AMS for short, 

is an exciting new concept that takes a proven, modern method of selling by “pulling” new customers into your business, called Attraction Marketing…. and improves on it!
The old method of selling by “pushing” your products onto people no longer works. These days, having an internet presence is paramount, as is forming relationships with people, who will only buy from you once they know, like and trust you. Especially if you have an online business!

AMS offers 4 service options – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Ultimate.
These range from a single, customised survey (Option 1) to a complete sales funnel that takes your prospects by the hand and guides them effortlessly through the funnel to your checkout page (Options 2 & 3), and Ultimately to 
fully interactive videos with call to action buttons, Facebook “Share” buttons, single or multiple videos, video controls and a whole lot more (Option 4)!

In Options 2 & 3 your sales funnel includes your customised survey, a 2-minute, static or animated promo video on your products, and a landing page with a “Call to Action” button that takes the customer directly to your checkout page when they click on it.
On the landing page you can provide a time-sensitive discount code, only available if the customer makes an immediate purchase, helping them to make up their minds quickly (because of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out)! 

With AMS you end up with increased sales, happy, satisfied customers and a happy, satisfied merchant (you).

By narrowing down and pinpointing your target market, AMS dramatically increases your strike rate and your sales percentages. We eliminate the “suspects” and highlight the “prospects”, saving you valuable time otherwise wasted on pitching to the wrong people.
AMS helps you concentrate on the RIGHT people for your business, resulting in a higher strike rate!

Our short, 2-minute surveys contain carefully constructed questions, designed to identify the people who want or need your products / services, and from their answers you can see who you want as a customer and who you don’t want!
When people submit the survey, their answers are delivered directly into you email inbox. You then call ONLY the people who you feel best suit your customer demographic, and either present to them online or set up appointments to see them in person.


Our blog is where we share up-to-date information that we think you will find useful and informative, to give you ideas on how to further improve on your strike rates and sales targets.

Click on “Blog” in the top menu to start your education with videos and articles we have sourced from many newsletters and experts from around the world, just for you!
On the right of the blog page, you will see the 5 most recent posts, followed by the Archives and the Categories.
Check out the Categories and choose the one you want to begin with, then read the articles.

Contact Us with some ideas of what you would like to see in the blog.


Final Word.

The amount of money you can earn with AMS is unlimited!

Commission payouts are performance driven, so your income depends entirely on the efforts that you put into marketing the business.

We have a 4-tier Affiliate Plan, but we don’t pay commissions based on how many people you bring into the business, we pay commissions according to what your customers spend. So, if you bring in more customers who buy the Advanced or Ultimate packages, you will make more than if you only bring in Basic or Intermediate package customers.
This is an incentive for you to learn more about the products and to “sell up”, because the more money you bring in, the more we can pay you!


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