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Welcome to Profits4Us International!


Profits4Us is an online retail company with excellent products and services available for sale, with a lucrative Income Plan attached so that Customers (Members) can earn excellent commissions in Bitcoins when they bring us new Customers who need and want our services. We have a great Community Spirit where all Members work closely together and support each other to create mutual wealth in Bitcoins.

To learn more about the history of Profits4Us and our range of services, please read our “About Us” page. To learn more about our modus operandi and our code of conduct, please read our Terms and Conditions.

The Bitcoin Education Service is our primary product and it currently costs 0.07 Bitcoins (BTC), ZAR 3,000 or USD 230. The purchaser is automatically entered into our Bitcoin Accumulation Program for FREE so they can earn commissions when they introduce new Customers to Profits4Us. This is important, because your friends, family and trading partners must have Bitcoin accounts, too, so you can transact with each other and avoid paying high bank fees.

PLEASE NOTE! Because of the rapid rise in the value of Bitcoins, we want to ensure that it is affordable for everyone to join Profits4Us and buy our Bitcoin Education Service and learn the “How To” of owning Bitcoins. We are therefore maintaining the current fee of 0.07 BTC / ZAR 3,000 / USD 230 until 01 September 2017 when we will review the price. We will review the price every 3 months.
Meanwhile, payment for the Service can be made in these 3 currencies when you Register. 
Until then, even if the price of BTC increases substantially, you will only pay 0.07 BTC / ZAR 3,000 / USD 230 for the Bitcoin Education Service, and you will be paid commissions during this period based on these values.

From 01 September, the commission percentages will be based on the new value, if it is different.

The Bitcoin Accumulation Program’s Income Plan pays stepped, once-off commissions to the seller and their 3 upline Members every time they sell our Bitcoin Education Service.

Each member starts out as a Salesperson and earns 10% commission on their Personal and Team sales. 
When they have made 10 Personal sales, they are promoted to Sales Manager status where their commission is increased to 12.5% per sale as a Reward for their diligence. 
When they make another 10 Personal sales, they are promoted to Sales Director status where they earn 15% comm. on all Personal and Team sales. 
With a further 10 Personal sales they are promoted to Sales Executive status with a 5% jump in their commission percentage to 20% per sale. 

There is no time limit as to when these sales must be made, but the sooner you make them, the sooner you will reach Executive level where you are earning DOUBLE what a Salesperson earns, for doing the same amount of work!




The amount of money a Member can earn is unlimited. Commission payouts are performance driven, so a Member’s income depends entirely on the efforts that they and their Sales Team put into marketing the business.

All Members join our Profits4Us Community and are required to buy the Bitcoin Education Service, read our Terms and Conditions, learn what the business entails, abide by the rules, work hard in an honest and ethical manner, stay focused, sell the Education Service and help each other create wealth. Do that and you will earn LOTS of Bitcoins for yourself!

Become your own bank with Profits4Us, trade anonymously, get off
the banking grid and take 100% control of your money yourself!

Then put your Bitcoins to work for you by buying packages in our automated forex trading program, where they will earn you 1% interest per day with no further effort on your part!
You get a return of 140% every 140 working days. That’s a nett return of 40% every 140 days per package.
There are 261 working days in a year. Therefore, you can earn a nett return of 161% per year!

And, if you own a business and you have a business web site and/or Facebook page, subscribe to our “live chat” service so we can turn up to 50% of your visits into leads so you can turn those leads into SALES!

Got a business web site? Not getting sales from your web visitors? Do you WANT TO?
Why not try out our live chat service for 30 days for FREE and see how it works for YOU!
Click Contact Us or click on the “Live Chat” tab on the right and give your contact details to the operator, and they will forward them to me.
I’ll contact you and create a voucher code specially for you, with instructions on how to set up your Chat account!

In OurStore you can earn commissions on your Retail sales, too! (Coming Soon).
Use what you learn from us to PRESERVE your wealth against inflation, devaluation and manipulation!

Don’t take the broken, potholed road travelled by the 98%’ers who do little or no work, then fail and blame everyone else for their failures.
We are looking for the determined and successful 2%’ers!
Become one of the top 1% – 2% income earners in the country!
If that’s you, join us on the Profits4Us Super Highway to a new and better lifestyle!
Surround yourself with successful, business-minded people!

Take Massive Action to fulfill your Dreams of Financial
Independence – with Profits4Us and Bitcoins!

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